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Аккаунт: @frankon_5

Род занятий: Фотограф из Германии. Преимущественно делает черно-белые фотографии

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... BlackWhite S or W/ Splinters... || Good evening guys! Greetings from busy Germany!✌🏼️ Thanks for ur constant support although i'm still lazy with posting😁


09 Jul 2015


... BlackWhite/ Vicious circle🌀... || Good evening guys! Hope u all doing well🍻 #theworldneedsmorespiralstaircases #worldneedsmorespiralstaircases


28 Jun 2015


...Sunrise☀️... || In Color... #jobatheavenonearth @hillsidebeachclub


07 Jun 2015


...red curves... || Good evening from Germany fellas, Hope everyone's doing well?! Have a good week ahead👍🏼 He, u noticed already? @Muse released their new album called Drones. U should check cause it's brilliant❤️


07 Jun 2015


...framed🔲... || Good evening from Germany fellas✌🏼 Have a good one. 👆🏼Happened in Copenhagen❤️


26 May 2015


...Me, lost in Echoes... || Hello my friends! Had a Fabulous time on my Trips to Copenhagen and Munich and i had the great opportunity to meet these wonderful beautiful Instagirls @a_have @blue.ridinghood and @crisam 👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼! I felt like the King between these Lovely ladies lol, was Awesome😘!! Thank u very much to make that happen and hey, i'm always open for another meet up, just call me! Well and being back means freaking lot of work, running around like a mad weird cock. I'm ready to go leave again😩✈️😂 Hope u all doing well guys👍🏼 And short news, this one👉🏼 #🍆 will be my personal hashtag lol😁😂


03 May 2015


Finally😩😂 Prob with hardware is fixed, lazyness is done pfff. Ok, this is Landen and the bigbob! Going to Copenhagen tmr, Pretty excited. Going to meet up some Awesome people! And u gonna See pics of me again.


16 Apr 2015


...Straight... || Hey my friends. Sry, wasn't able to post smth cause i was busy with shooting, with being lazy and i built up my own cloud Server at home. Sucks cause i'm still not finished. Plan was to put all my pics on this NAS-System and copy them out of it whenever and whereever i need them. I still have problems with the mobile Connection hahaha. I need some time, i'm old😂😂 so, i Have almost no pics on my roll😳 Ah and my pc is weird too. Hope i can fix it ASAP!! Have a Nice Eve/Day/Night guys Ah, btw i made the 7th place out of 45000 submissions in this contest i told u Weeks ago.💪 My inner voice said Frank it's ok what ure doing, keep on going😁😘


17 Mar 2015


...deep inside... || Well, finish the caption by urself haha. Have a great Eve/Day/night Instas!👋👍


05 Mar 2015


...come with me... || Damn, i need a coffee, extralarge. I mean a really huge one. Really huge. Big size, a heavy one. These sorts of coffee where ur eyes explode...☕️ Have a Nice Eve great peps out there👍


03 Mar 2015


...Together but not... || My mom always said to me to keep it simple. It's getting complicated on it's own anyway. I use this advice in my shots from time to time cause i think my mom is right and i like the simple way often as u can see here. Hey mom, u read that? I quoted u😘


01 Mar 2015


...little white chapel... Hey friends! Hope ure all good✌️


26 Feb 2015