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Род занятий: Фотограф из Германии

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Pacific Northwest

Sunset at the edge of the Northwest.. #Pacific #Ocean #PNW #Northwest


18 Jun 2019

Ireland (country)

Anzeige | Towering cliffs and rugged scenery found all along the way of the West Coast of Ireland. Coastlines just never cease to amaze me.. Captured on the #HuaweiP30Pro @HuaweiMobileDe #HFK #HuaweiFotoKonsortium


16 Jun 2019

Pacific Ocean

Sand for miles and beaches all to yourself.. #Pacific #Ocean #Oregon #PNW


15 Jun 2019

Atlantic Ocean

Anzeige | Throwback Thursday to one of my favorite days in the Faroes 3 years ago. I still remember this day like it was yesterday. After finding the famous rock arch, we were roaming around the cliffs and constant change of light and clouds created this stunning atmosphere. Anzeige | saved and edited with: @Drobostorage x @Seagate #Atlantic #Ocean #Faroe #Islands


13 Jun 2019

Northern Ireland

Standing tall and keeping guard of the coastline.. #Ireland #Atlantic #Coast #Lighthouse


11 Jun 2019


The last months have been quite rough, after spending most of the time in Spitzbergen and Greenland, I couldn’t be more ready to head to Spain tomorrow for some sun. Even though it seems like it‘s hotter right now in Germany. Here is one last shot from Svalbard and therefore the end of my Arctic series. Following and capturing this polar bear couple was one of the most humbling moments and it’s certainly my favorite shot of this spring. For now I‘m done with winter and the cold, but I also can‘t wait to experience Spitzbergen and Greenland this summer again. You can still join me in Greenland 🤘🏼 (link in Bio) #Svalbard #PolarBears #Arctic #VisitSvalbard


09 Jun 2019


Still water and cool air on a calm Arctic morning.. #Svalbard #Spitzbergen #Arctic


08 Jun 2019


Quiet moments inside the Fjord.. After a turbulent week of sailing towards East Svalbard through waves, wind and ice, passing by the southern tip of Spitzbergen and back, I really enjoyed these calm sunset moments. When everything is still and you can only hear the water bumping against the bottom of the vessel, you realize how pristine these landscapes are. #Svalbard #VisitSvalbard #Arctic #Expedition


02 Jun 2019


Greenland Workshop | This summer we will embark for an epic sailing expedition around Scoresbysund, East Greenland together with @benjaminhardman and @fursty. Come join us on board the wooden schooner Hildur for a unique and very personal workshop experience. We will work directly with our 5 guests and assist with your photography while sailing among the massive icebergs. Check out the link in my bio for more info! #Workshop #East #Greenland #Sailing #Expedition


01 Jun 2019


During our sailing expedition around Svalbard, we came across several Walrus fairly south, which is not very common. Due to the rapidly changing climate in the Arctic regions and the resulting decline of sea ice many of them are hauling out on land instead of the ice. Typically, Walruses spend most of their time at sea out on ice floes, as they look for food on the ocean floor. These massive haulouts can be incredibly dangerous for the Walrus. The heavy animals trample itself and especially the young calves. The population numbers are declining again.. As an Ambassador for the Global Survey @GlobalSurvey17 and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, I encourage you to complete the Survey and raise awareness about the drastic changes happening right now. There are only 5 weeks left to participate - check out the link in my bio for more! #GlobalSurvey #TurningtheTide #ClimateChange #SDG15 #SDG #Sustainability


23 May 2019


A play of colour, contour, light and shadow. In awe with Svalbard‘s landscapes.. #Svalbard #Spitzbergen


22 May 2019

Svalbard and Jan Mayen

Time seems to be frozen in the glacier as every layer captures a different aeon of our planets history. A truly marvelous sight to behold. #Svalbard #Spitzbergen


19 May 2019